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War Dec Project - round table

September 25, 2016

The war dec project hosted here has been on hold since January this year, due to a lot of changes and development happening with-in the game, and those that are still in the pipeline. This list is not exhaustive here are some of those changes:

  • Citadels release
  • Removal of Watchlists
  • World War Bee
  • Shadow of Serpent event
  • Purity of the Throne event
  • Alpha Clones

While I have mused about how War Never Changes, and Citadels Rebalancing War Decs - has war changed yet again into something more stagnant and predictable?

Toxic Yaken has been gathering pilots to host a round table…

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How is the war dec going?

September 16, 2016

The time has been flying past and recently a friend who used to fly with us what only seems a few months ago returned to play EVE via one of the sign-up offers he was sent. The mass of changes that had been introduced to the game encouraged him to take up a 3 month subscription.

Tonight he asked, "So how is the war dec going?" Predictable was the answer. Just a few days ago they suffered 5.6b ISK loss in Jita. "Typical trade hub camping tactics" he mused, "Does no one do what we used to do and go hunt their targets?"

Since there is no longer a watchlist, it is now a buddylist, there is n…

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Against the odds: Mass of Wrecks wins

August 30, 2016

This weekend in EVE saw some player organized events taking place, from Theomachy on Saturday, to the pew4reps Vehement charity fleet, and of course the Mass of Wrecks events fleet on Sunday. A conflict of schedules, but the show must go on, and the roam went ahead as planned, even with diminished numbers. The FC on the night, Serventos was actually the first player to get a kill in the Theomachy event. Great start to the weekend.

Then on Sunday night he led the Mass of wrecks fleet on a roam that resulted in 4.33 Bil ISK in kills with a 99.8% Efficiency for the fleet. Yep, 15 pilots all in…

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Mass of Wrecks - Sunday 28th August 20:00

August 27, 2016





Mass of Wrecks launches its first fleet tomorrow into a storm of content taking place over the weekend. The scheduled fleet now competes with a #pew4reps charity Vehement fleet. That has not deterred the organizers who are going ahead with the fleet and schedule, hoping that the schedule conflict may actually provide content for the Mass of wrecks fleet. For full details check out the Mass of Wrecks Website:

Gallente Grind - Sunday 28th August

  • In Brief: Sunday 28th August, 19:00 EVE time - Departing 20:00
  • Forming up: Amarr
  • In-Game channel: Mass of Wreck…

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Moving forwards: New Websites

August 27, 2016

In recent weeks PvE has been getting a lot of discussion and awareness raised by the player base. While I am not against any more PvE changes to EVE online, I do think it could do with a bit of an overhaul, (I do have a post draft saved somewhere). My time has been taken up so much lately trying to plan a PvP based event in Mass of Wrecks events fleet. There has now been event conflict with the #pew4reps charity vehement fleet, which the organizers just happened to plan to take place on the same evening as mass of wrecks maiden fleet. Content guaranteed - even if our fleet will be smaller now.

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Making Time for PvP in EVE

August 16, 2016

The last few weeks feel like they have been hectic, finding myself lucky if I can log into the EVE client for more than 45 mins at a time. Most days in fact I have not even been able to find the time, or remaining energy to play. Cursed with old age and adult responsibilities, has me taking more naps in the last few weeks than I ever have. That's just old age catching me up, right?

In my limited free time I have been focusing most of my efforts into planning the Mass of Wrecks event. Check out what happened on the o7show. The event was first mentioned, but it also turns out that the #Broadc…

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This is My EVE

July 26, 2016

CCP have announced another player video created content campaign, and this time it's personal. You can all see the link in the launcher, but incase you missed here it is again: Share Your Stories - We Want You!

A short conversation that took place over twitter is the main reason for this post:



When I was much younger, as part of my video production course we were asked by the University to cre…

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Mass of Wrecks - Themed NPSI Events Fleet launch

July 25, 2016

Today we officially launch our new public NPSI events fleet, Mass of Wrecks. The website has like, every bit of information anyone could possibly need to join us on this event, or to be more precise the schedule page should be of most importance. (I won't repeat it all here) Maiden voyage will be Gallente hulls.

The event is entirely new-bro friendly with our focus on no access barriers and low end hulls. As a public NPSI fleet you don't have to leave your corp or alliance, just join our fleet as we are forming up, and come content hunting with us. Mass of wrecks themed fleets will allo…

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