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How is the war dec going?

September 16, 2016

The time has been flying past and recently a friend who used to fly with us what only seems a few months ago returned to play EVE via one of the sign-up offers he was sent. The mass of changes that had been introduced to the game encouraged him to take up a 3 month subscription.

Tonight he asked, "So how is the war dec going?" Predictable was the answer. Just a few days ago they suffered 5.6b ISK loss in Jita. "Typical trade hub camping tactics" he mused, "Does no one do what we used to do and go hunt their targets?"

Since there is no longer a watchlist, it is now a buddylist, there is no way to track pilots anymore unless they both add each other. War in EVE has changed - but not for the better. He was only introduced to the #WarDecProject last night and some changes since he was last online. The one post I encouraged him to read in the wardec project was my last post: War Never Changes

To this day, many months later, it is still an accurate read and encourage you to have a read if you are interested in the future of war decs in EVE.

The downfall of hi-sec can not be ignored much longer. War has entirely changed into the dull and mundane, with no objectives or deployable structures required, war decs will continue to deteriorate. The graph above was not made by myself but I can certainly see that "social corporations" could soon be a thing, with the introduction of Alpha clones and what CCP decide to do with their safety buttons.

As much as I do not think it will be wise to disable their safety buttons, the decision will have far wider impact than just avoiding Alpha ganking gangs. An Omega clone for CEO and a corp full of Alpha Clones, should you really be allowed to drop a war dec on this group? Of course this group should be on the receiving end of war decs, but would this then be in breach of the EULA?

War decs will never be removed from the game - they contribute too much to the ISK sink, and destruction ratio of assets, keeping the markets alive and competitive. It is about time they were looked at however, given all of the changes in the last year alone, why is this not on CCP's roadmap?

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I'm confused. What is the issue with making it so Alpha clones cannot disable the safety? If they are wardecs, their war targets become green, and thus shoot able in high sec?

I would think this is desirable to keep high sec wardec corps from have having fleets of neutral Alpha tech 1 logi flying around .