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Against the odds: Mass of Wrecks wins

August 30, 2016

This weekend in EVE saw some player organized events taking place, from Theomachy on Saturday, to the pew4reps Vehement charity fleet, and of course the Mass of Wrecks events fleet on Sunday. A conflict of schedules, but the show must go on, and the roam went ahead as planned, even with diminished numbers. The FC on the night, Serventos was actually the first player to get a kill in the Theomachy event. Great start to the weekend.

Then on Sunday night he led the Mass of wrecks fleet on a roam that resulted in 4.33 Bil ISK in kills with a 99.8% Efficiency for the fleet. Yep, 15 pilots all in cruisers or lower hulls did indeed kill a Thanatos and his fleet of support ships, and the whole time we only had two tech 1 logi cruisers supporting the fleet. Yulai Federation took most of the loses. There is a basic battle report on the Mass of Wrecks website. There may be more to add to this report as I have had time to digest it and come down from such an awesome event.

While I was in one of the logi ships, Brudelon Aubaris was the other, both in Exqurors things went very well from a logi point of view. With me actually being a bad logi FC and issuing very few orders, other than how I would prefer members to use fleet broadcasts. Every member of the fleet thanked the logi, but I must give the MVP to Brudelon Aubaris. Brudelon naturally anchored on my logi ship with-out any prompting, and he timed any rep requests well; even when the Thanny made him primary.

I dropped my drones onto him and all 3 reps, but I was soon able to tank the fighters DPS with just one rep and my drones. This allowed the fleet to take focus off the fighters and apply their DPS back onto the new ships hitting grid. All in all we only lost 3 ships, 2 Incursus and an Algos, and this was either due to them burning for a hero tackle and getting out of logi range, or being alpha'd just a little to hard.

There were other times when the logi did make hero saves on some of the cruisers too, including General Stargazers 2 Bil faction/officer fit ship.  The enemy were never to know we had some bling fitted except that 5 or 6 fleet members had actually renamed their ships to - I didn't ever think of this idea or that a "." could be used in ship names - confirmed noob.

Had they just looked they would have had all the intel that they needed about our fleet and why we were blowing their shit up.

Thanks to Yulai Federation for bringing a good fight.

Some of what I have learned

Planning for something like this has been a huge task, leaving me nearly no time to log into the client. The early steps I took securing a date and booking an available FC, really worked out. Seventos did an excellent job and we look forward to more fleets together. This was all before we even considered event sponsorship, or rewarding the players.

FC's are important to a good fleet for everyone, and logi are a must.

Considering the ambitious nature of the entire event, there was always bound to be hiccups and hurdles along the way. There were a lot of players and people to talk with about the event and I listened to as many as could find the time to share with me. I do have a a full time job as well, so it has been difficult to find suitable times.

If it can go wrong it will go wrong.

When the news of the pew4reps charity fleet arrived I was really disappointed that the same date had been chosen. It was hard for me to "compete" against the meta that such an event creates, but so much was already in motion by this stage. I had to consider my options. I don't use reddit and I even failed at posting the event on the eve-o forums, by posting it in the wrong place. First post in many moons, still a noob.

Media and player awareness is a must - just be careful of what is popular at the time.

CCP Guard was immensely supportive of the idea, donating prizes and featured the mass of wrecks event in the community section of the latest o7show. This really boosted awareness yet I still expected low turn-out numbers for the fleet given the circumstances.

The show must go on.

Now to compile stats and make the small Mass of Wrecks fleet from Sunday a wealthy bunch of players when we deliver the EVE-Bet rewards amongst the few: the most "Jesus-like" we will ever be. If a mass of wrecks events fleet visits your system, we are there for a fight!

Special shoutouts

Serventos (FC), General Stargazer (EVE-NT Streamer and Bling Fit suicide pony), Brudelon Aubaris (Logi co-pilot and MVP), Nashh Kadavr (EVE-Bet sponsorship), CCP Guard (CCP Community sponsorship), Yulai Federation (ISK losers, bringers of a Good fight)

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