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Better Omega solo PvP

November 24, 2016

One of those rare few times that I am able to log into EVE and perform some activities outside the station, solo PvP is not my forte yet I keep doing it; badly.

Why would you keep doing this if all you ever do is die? That is a pretty solid question - since I am not a killboard whore these kills don't really bother me. I have scaled back from taking battlecruisers out on solo roams, so this is like experimental PvP - even for this old Omega (only in clone state).

Total cost of ships here is around 109 mil ISK - they were all going to die. I am not that bad an Omega, even if I am sticking to Alpha clone hulls pretty much - this is a low fee for me to pay, but Alpha clones simply couldn't maintain a similar loss rate as myself. Mwahaha.

All of these engagements brought me some really good content - eventually. This was all before the release of Ascension, however, so the pilots may well have been remotely boosted, as well as in some of the above kills, have assistance. How will my solo efforts pan in the future?

Ascension will make my Killboard Green again.

My concern is that although I will continue to search in similar places for solo content, I will find it - wanting. I might find similar real solo pilots like me, with no boosts and a clean straight up 1v1 - but how many will be Alpha Clones? I predict more solo green on my killboard soon, along with plenty more red, because I am still so shit.

Clearly, this is all hypothetical right now, but I shall update you on my progress later.


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Dying is part of the solo play. The hunt for the kill is were most of the fun lies, the cat and mouse game where the odds are stacked against you. Not many people like that kind of game, and for the socials, the stain of a loss that can be mocked by their "peers" is too much to consider. They only worry about theri rep, which we, solo players, don't give a shit about.

The removal of off-grid links, especially in low sec, will indeed change the micro gangs/solo game a bit. Good hunting!