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October 25, 2016

I am still alive. I have not quit EVE - but I am preoccupied with some other projects. Now that we have that off our chest, lets get into some details.

Mass of Wrecks

The universe of New Eden is growing and is only going to get bigger very soon when the November update arrives bringing with it Alpha clones. While I myself am not in a position to be a huge teacher of old tricks to these new dogs, the Mass of Wrecks fleet will be a good place for these players to "cut their teeth" in unscripted PvP combat.

Mass of Wrecks fleet is a themed events fleet, designed to be like an event similar to the Crimson Harvest, or Purity of the Throne in-game events that CCP add to the game. There are bling wings and shiney modules fitted onto some of the more veteran pilots ships, creating a nice field of wrecks to loot should we get stomped on.

This was mostly made possible by the sponsorship from EVE-BET who enabled MoW to compensate some of these pilots. The rest was divided into smaller prizes which were awarded to players participating in the fleet. To a new player even our smallest prize (150mil ISK) would be very beneficial at such an early stage in their EVE careers.

The sponsorship from the o7show enables MoW to offer ship SKINs to aspiring young pilots - which they can do what ever they want with - wear it or sell it - again very lucrative to newer players. Since the EULA changes will be taking effect from 8th November, EVE-BET will no longer be able to support MoW with sponsorship, but the fleet shall still continue. . . . the website also needed some updates.

EVE Sports

Over the last few months I have been fascinated and deeply engaged in the EVE competitive scene - EVEsports. The EVE-NT tournament, shortly followed by ATXIV showed some great piloting skills and the sheer interest from this community in competitive play (over 5,000 viewers on average). Watching the streams one thought kept running through my head - I wish I could play in these events.

In some of the slack channels and discord rooms I am part of, new ideas have been forming and building for a new way to organize and create more player events of this kind of nature.

Now that there may be a route for more of these player run events, by utilizing Thunderdome (community events server built by CCP Logibro) I am able to bring my past experience to EVE online.

Unbeknown to many players in EVE, I used to run several websites for xbox live clans, back in 2006-2010, under the flagship website On the website we had many features and tools to help clans find matches and promote themselves, but our most powerful feature was our ladders and tournaments software (licensed)

This old software has been dug out of archives and is in the process of being converted for use in EVE Online. The launch date has been penciled in as 12th December this year. Full details and how this will all work for EVE will be provided on the website, so I won't bother repeating them here.

EVE-NT Arena

Developing the website in my limited spare time has left me nearly no time to even log into EVE online - I am missing the Blood Raiders event entirely. To me this is ok, as I am simply acting out of passion for what I see as being a great feature for EVE Online. EVEsports could really become a "thing" with gamebattles style ladders, acting as seeding for tournaments.

The ability to "control the environment" is instrumental in competitive gaming, and with-out Thunderdome this simply becomes impossible. Like-wise the need for staffing and experienced players to run such events is also high on priorities.

EVE-NT have been supporting me all the way with this development, and I have been taken under the wing of Bei Artjay as tournament director. The amount of work that goes into planning and running such events is astronomical - especially for volunteers - we get nothing back from it. While both Bei and myself are experienced in such events, we will not be the only people involved.

More details will follow shortly - expect us.

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