Plan, Panic, Good Fight!

I tried that solo thing again. Since I had some time to burn, I decided to "plan" a solo roam with one key objective - get a kill. It could have gone much better. This time I was expecting to fight out-numbered, and scaled my ship up to a Brutix battlecruiser. The ship is already... Continue Reading →

First (new) blog post

On a new journey with a new blogging platform. I will be playing with various features and layouts for a while until I am happy to start publishing more posts

Better Omega Solo PvP

One of those rare few times that I am able to log into EVE and perform some activities outside the station, solo PvP is not my forte yet I keep doing it; badly. Why would you keep doing this if all you ever do is die? That is a pretty solid question - since I... Continue Reading →

How is the war dec going?

The time has been flying past and recently a friend who used to fly with us what only seems a few months ago returned to play EVE via one of the sign-up offers he was sent. The mass of changes that had been introduced to the game encouraged him to take up a 3 month... Continue Reading →

Moving forwards: New Websites

In recent weeks PvE has been getting a lot of discussion and awareness raised by the player base. While I am not against any more PvE changes to EVE online, I do think it could do with a bit of an overhaul, (I do have a post draft saved somewhere). My time has been taken... Continue Reading →

Is Valkyrie Monetization coming to EVE?

As published on Crossing Zebras - on Jan 26, 2016 - Original Link Overview The news broke in October that CCP had selected Aria Systems’ active monetization platform for Valkyrie, launching in 2016. The Aria platform boasts a powerful array of monetization features and, in keeping with CCP’s ethos, it is a system which is... Continue Reading →

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