A single father, who plays videos games, perhaps too many, and I am an angry Scot. It can lead to some interesting moments on comms.

An avid fan and player of EVE Online for almost a decade. Informed enthusiast is the level I feel I have now reached with-in the game. After many years of playing, I am still pretty rubbish at the game. Here’s my Killboard to prove it. I do still like to try all that the game has to offer. My main interests are 1v1, and small fleet activity.

I have spent most of my early time playing EVE as a WarDeccer in various corps. It would be hard for me to say I don’t look forward to one day return to the fields of battle under the banner of a WarDec corp, perhaps if the mechanics are ever revisited; the main reason for hosting the public #WarDecProject. This project has since been forwarded to player and CSM candidate Toxic Yaken.

One voice can get lost in the many out there, so this is the best place for me to keep all of my rambling and poor killmails. I was originally a console player, mostly on FPS based games which seem to be my strongest vocation.

Today you can find me flying with Mass of Wrecks, which started life as a faction themed NPSI public fleet, but we are now proud members of the Gallente Federation (faction warfare). I am the organizer and event planner for the group, but not quite good enough to be the FC. Each fleet we take guest FC’s and allow them to select our route and course, as long as there are guaranteed explosions.

In my past, I have worked in the gaming industry as an entrepreneur. It never started as a business venture, just as a way for my xbox live clan to find more UK based clans to fight. It worked out really well and soon grew to multiple sites and services. My alias back then was Pelega (or PelegaWoC) The main website was the UK’s largest clan based events website, supporting Xbox, PS3 and eventually PC clan based games. Official operations ceased in 2010, when I settled down to start that family thing – it didn’t pan out too well.

Recent developments with the community events server Thunderdome, has seen me start to go back to some of the software I was working with in these early days in the industry, primarily our ladders and tournaments code.

Working with EVE_NT staff and more members from the community we are currently developing Arena.EVE-NT.uk – Thunderdome esports for EVE Online.

My dream was to compete but as time has gone on, it seems I may have fallen into another role with-in the operation of such a service for players. I will continue to share and develop my experiences and work towards making more regular eSports events for players to participate in.